A La Carte Services

Our hourly consulting services are perfect if you are looking for information, resources, tips, or referrals related to your health or the health of your living environment, and don't foresee needing ongoing support.  

This is also a fantastic way to pursue a CIRS medical and environmental screening to determine if further evaluation by a physician is necessary.  If this is what you are needed most right now, it is recommended that you start by booking an Initial Meet and Greet, followed by a 60-Minute Consultation.


Equipped to Overcome

  • 10-week program of community support AND the practical information you are looking for to successfully navigate CIRS

  • Sessions are 90 minutes long, and take place via Zoom Video Conferencing (a free platform available on any smart device; access instructions will be provided)

  • Program cost is $375 (A great value for 15 total hours, even if you are unable to attend all sessions!  Sessions can be recorded if you can not attend them all live.)

  • Topics may include (participant poll will determine which 10 we cover):

*Sharing our stories, Successes, Symptoms, and Struggles!
*How Water-Damaged Buildings Make Us Sick / CIRS Overview
*Medical Factors that Impact Recovery (Q&A with CIRS medical provider)
*Environmental Testing, Remediation, Moving Considerations (Q&A with special IEP guest, Mike Schrantz)
*Managing Cross-Contamination, Cleaning our Belongings, Minimizing Re-Exposures
*Goal-Setting and Symptom-Tracking
*Lifestyle Interventions to Enhance Recovery (nutrition, sleep, exercise)

*Low-toxin Lifestyle Tips

*Parent and Family Considerations

*What is the Limbic System, and How do I know if it is Impairing my Healing?
*Cultivating a Mindset for Healing and Resilience
*Exploring Non-Medical Obstacles to Recovery
*Managing Grief, Identity Crises, and Unsupportive Relationships
*Post-Traumatic Growth and Transformation Through Suffering

  • Participants will receive many helpful resources to access forever, and will be invited to participate in practical activities between sessions. Participants recieve free access to the Member's Only private Facebook group for the duration of the program (with option to continue) to communicate between sessions and share resources.

  • To register for the next CIRS Virtual Community Group, scroll up to the top of this appointments page and click on "Classes/Events." If you have further questions, feel free to reach out by email to Jenny Johnson or schedule a 30 Minute Meet & Greet to make sure this is the right fit for you!


Monthly Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Private Facebook group and monthly Zoom gatherings available to all private clients and CIRS Virtual Community Group participants! Enjoy ongoing connection with others and continuously updated content related to CIRS recovery and resilience, hosted by Jenny Johnson.