Functional Medicine

Did you know that simple lifestyle choices can overpower "bad genes"? And, that many chronic illnesses can be reversed?  Or, that Alzheimer's Disease can be prevented?

Functional Medicine is on the cutting edge of research and personalized care when it comes to big ideas such as these.  By addressing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental roots of a dysfunction, rather than simply treating symptoms, you too can reclaim your wellness.


Our Approach

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I look forward to hearing your story. We will identify the areas that may be holding you back from feeling your best, AND the natural solutions to overcome them.  Collaborating with your doctor, we will design personalized goals and strategies to get you feeling better, in a way that works for YOU! 

Exploring Salugenex together will further equip you with evidence-based strategies to enhance foundational well-being, positive gene expression, and sustainable resilience.


Partners Along the Journey

Are you overwhelmed by the realities of a new diagnosis or genetic susceptibility? Do you sense an imbalance in your life that you would like to explore together?  Whatever it is that brings you here, it would be my privilege to journey with you as you find that sweet spot of empowerment, clarity, and sustainable well-being.


There's much to see here, and more coming! Take your time to look around and learn more about us. Please reach out with any questions about our services. We look forward to connecting with you!