What is CIRS?

Do you think you might have Mold Illness?

CIRS is an acronym for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. CIRS has a host of alternative monikers: Biotoxin Illness; Mold Illness;  Post-Treatment Lyme Syndrome; or, Environmentally-Acquired Illness.  

CIRS is a multi-symptom, multi-system illness resulting from a faulty immune response to environmental toxins and  inflammagens (most commonly, those in water-damaged buildings).   It occurs primarily in genetically-susceptible individuals, which includes roughly 24% of the population.  

Symptoms can be numerous and diverse, but they include: extreme fatigue; headaches; insomnia; joint pain; stomach aches; muscle cramps; light sensitivity; mood swings; disorientation; sinus congestion; impaired memory; difficulty learning new information; brain fog; dizziness; frequent urination; difficulty regulating body temperature; electric shocks; extreme thirst; ice pick pains; skin sensitivity; diarrhea; numbness; shortness of breath; pins and needles sensations; metallic taste; watery eyes; night sweats; blurry vision; red eyes; problems with word finding; among other difficult symptoms.  The wonderful news is that with proper care it is treatable.

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker is considered the pioneer and leading established expert in this ever-evolving field.  He is actively participating in research to further the medical community's understanding of CIRS, and to enhance diagnostic capabilities and evidenced-based treatment protocols. For more information and for screening tools, please visit his website at www.survivingmold.com. 

The International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness is a community of medical professionals also extremely dedicated to enhancing awareness, treatment, prevention, and research of CIRS (Environmentally Acquired Illness).  Visit their website at www.iseai.org for more information.

Jennifer Johnson has undergone advanced training and examination with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, is a CIRS Proficiency Partner Diplomate with Surviving Mold, and an ISEAI Full Partner Member.  Most importantly, she has helped her family of four overcome CIRS and thrive beyond 100%, despite having "dreaded genes"!

Exciting advances are evolving with CIRS, and more health care practitioners are learning how to recognize and treat it.  However, it can be a lonely and overwhelming journey for folks who are seeking clarification, resources, and support.  At Simplified Wellness Designs, we seek to come alongside you (and often your doctor) to help you simplify and then navigate all the nuances of this journey. By lifting your burdens and empowering you to maintain a positive mindset and sufficient self-care, our aim is for your healing state to be optimized for a more timely and complete recovery.  

Please see our Services page for information on CIRS Consulting, or our Appointments page to schedule an Initial Meet & Greet with Jennifer for immediate support.